HOPE to the end ★

faith, hope, and love

14 December
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mostly a girl obessessed with arashi and DBSK/TVXQ1/Tohoshinki(pre-2010) & JYJ, but is a fan of some other JE groups, Shinhwa, B2ST, CNBlue, Big Bang, & Epik High

overall fav in Asia is Park Yoochun of JYJ but fav JE is Ohkura Tadayoshi of 関ジャニ∞, Sakurai Sho of 嵐 is not far behind

JE ichibans ranking:
arashi - sakurai, nino, ohno, aiba, matsujun
kanjani8 - ohkura, ryo

other JE: v6, tokio, kinki kids

sometimes just a girl that sometimes needs to vent...

always the typical girl-next-doors (and a guy's best gal friend), seriously...

music: j-pop, k-pop, alternative rock, rock, pop, etc.

movies/tv shows: japanese dramas, korean dramas, lord of the rings, how i met your mother, glee, law & order: svu, csi: ny, scrubs, etc.

sports: tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball, etc.

hobbies: doing media--videos, music, etc.--stuff; reading fiction (and the rare writing spell~), romance, and graphic novels (comics and manga); drawing; etc.